Annual Meeting

2022 Virtual Meeting Program

Friday April 29th, 2022 (Eastern Standard Time)

10:00 AM PREM Overview, Ramos
10:20 AM Education & Outreach, Alicea, Wallace & Licurse
10:40 AM IRG-1: Charge dynamics in transition metal and carbon-based materials, Pinto
Graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides, Pinto
Carbon-based nanomaterials, Ramos
Thermoelectric transport in mesoscopic and/or nanoscale systems, Zimbovskaya
Magnetic Transition Metal-Oxide Heterostructures, Santana
11:00 AM IRG-2: Surface-functionalized nanomaterials for sensing applications, Bansal
PVD of Ag NPs for trace chemical detection via SERS, Bezares
Functionalized gallium nanomaterials for biosensing, Oyola
Pillarene-modified cellulose matrix for detection and removal of metals and organic molecules, Fasoli
Paper and emulsion based biosensing platforms for enzyme activity assay, Bansal, & Sotero
11:20 PM Breakout discussion for research/education teams
12:50 PM Wrap up, Stach and Ramos
1:00 PM Closing